12.12.12 we began a journey together with the community of hudson, massachusetts. an idea to open a small flatbread shop evolved into something we could only dream about. from a core group of individuals we've grown to a family that extends throughout the metrowest region.  

Our story is about a community's hope to do something special and to bring attention back to the things that matter most- like sitting around a fire, with warm friends, cold beers and great flatbread! 

Although delicious wood fired flatbread pizza is the champion on our menu it's just the beginning -we are a family friendly restaurant offering unique spins on New American comfort food classics like burgers, poutine, tacos and mac and cheese to name  a few..  some of our most popular items were developed by thinking about the food we crave and the places we've been. We believe food should be fun and approachable for everyone and never, ever too serious. 

our friends brew some really creative craft beers.  we have twenty taps and a selection of bottles and cans.  see what we are pouring tonight here.

cocktails mean celebrations. we love our cocktails and we want you to know it.  flip our menu over and try something different or enjoy a new classic. but ask yourself: when's the last time you celebrated?

besides what were cooking in the kitchen and pouring behind the bar we're proud to tell you that we're an "open book management" company. open book management empowers all of our team members to understand how our business works, have a say in how our company is run and share with us when we hit our goals. our team is what makes us special and we hope you feel it when you come visit us. 

but we're not alone in downtown hudson: In may, 2015, we opened new city microcreamery and hidden within less than greater than. visit our sister restaurants new city microcreamery and less than greater than or one of the many gems to see and taste in our friendly new england downtown. 

we look forward to feeding you, friends!

we are a scratch kitchen.  our sourdough and breads are made in-house.  we use honest ingredients sourced from our friends in the metrowest region of massachusetts.  we ferment. we pickle.  we also don’t take ourselves too seriously and think frank’s should be used all day, errday.


33 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749


Mon – Thu: 11 am – 11 pm
Fri – Sat: 11 am – 1 am
Sun: 10am - 10pm


(978) 293-3552