it all started when…

we heard hpatt, aka, henry patterson of rethink restaurants tell us the story of the stone mason.  

Once upon a time there were three stone masons, hammering away at hard pieces of marble out in the hot sun. A bystander stops to watch their work. The bystander asks the workers, “What are you doing?”

The first stonemason, hacking haphazardly at his piece of marble, grumbles a response: “I’m hammering stone in the hot sun. My back hurts and my hands are blistered. I hate this job and I can’t wait to be done at sundown.” 

The second stonemason, tired and unenthused, says, “I’m hammering stone in the hot sun, but I need the money in order to feed my family. I don’t enjoy it, but I’m grateful to have a job.” 

The third stonemason looks up from his precise and careful work and says, “We’re building a cathedral! It’s going to be beautiful. My work is a small piece, but I’m proud to have a hand in it.”

Open-Book Management is a philosophy that focuses on educating our staff on the company’s finances in order to empower them to make informed decisions and see how their actions impact the overall success of our rail trail flatbread company. 

rail trail flatbread co. is dedicated to being a community restaurant that employees and stakeholders are proud of.  open book management helps our staff understand our business through transparency and important lessons around financial decision making.  

In this manner, we create an environment where our leaders seek to develop skills and harness strengths in employees, and we thereby attract employees who want to grow with the company. From day one, we allow our employees to play a role in creating a work environment that caters to their style of learning, interests and passions, and individual needs.